from college project to best-selling favorite

Madi was involved in Future Farmers of America (FFA) in high school, dedicating hours to community service, raising livestock, and winning awards in the process. She sold her livestock when she headed off to college because she would no longer be able to care for them. But then she was left with a dilemma-–how could she participate in FFA at the collegiate level with no livestock?  Farmstead Annalise is a line of pepper jellies that began as a school project.

Madi was also inspired by her great-grandmother who was an avid gardener who cultivated several acres and canned the bounty from her garden. “What I would give for her recipes!” exclaims her mother Tori.

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Madi opted for a project that was untraditional for FFA, but echoed her family’s livelihood. Madi was inspired by her mother, Tori, a creator of a line of jellies and jams sold in farmers’ markets and gourmet stores. She created a line of pepper jellies, which was completely outside the norm for FFA, but recognized as an agriculture company. 

Tori creates with bourbon and whiskey in her jams. People flock to us for that reason alone. They love that our products are so different and healthy, and our travels normally typically stimulate a new product.

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daughter and mother team up

Madi’s enthusiasm and Tori’s years of experience proved to be a winning combination when they teamed up. Farmstead Annalise became the flagship brand for the mother daughter duo.


Today the mother-daughter duo behind Farmstead Annalise is enjoying the burst of growth and has their loyal customers to thank for that. They are an extension of our family and are to be treated as such.


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